Article regarding iRTA project at Ypaithros Chora

iRTA robotic platform for precision spraying in steep slope vineyards (iRTA project) was presented at the Greek newspaper Ypaithros Chora by project partners SCiO systems.

Mr. Panagiotis Zervas presented the expected benefits of using the robotic platform for viticulturists saying that: “The expected benefits of using the robotic platform for viticulturists are to reduce the cost of the spraying process as it will reduce the human time required while reducing the amount of agrochemicals used as the spraying applications will be more accurate and trargeted to the infected vines. Additionally it will have a positive impact at the health of the grape growers that will be protected from the large amounts of agrochemicals.”

He underlined that the robotic platform will offer long-term benefits “which carry out targeted interventions, such as reducing pollution of natural resources such as soil and water.” For the achievement of all the aforementioned functions robotic cutting-edge technologies will be combined (autonomous, navigation, high precision spraying and artificial intelligence technologies etc.). The aim of program partners is to commercially exploit the robotic platform, starting with the cultivation of vineyards and further developing it so that it can be applied to other crops.

The iRTA (intelligent robotic high-precision treatment application in rough terrain vineyards) project was selected for funding among 69 proposals submitted to the open call of the H2020 ESMERA project.

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